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NIFSA Summer species hunts 2022

NIFSA Summer species hunts 2022. Conger and three beard rockling.

As per usual this weekends hunt was treated to very unsummer like weather and sea state for about 48 of the 72 hours available to fish.

We had 13 eels recorded and only 9 three beards.

Catches worth noting were Stephen Hodge's conger of 143 cm which earned him top spot, while Jonathan Gilbert had a 45cm three beard and both Mike Henry and Christopher Mccook had one each of 44cm. Seven anglers managed the weekend "double" so mention should go to Johnny Gilbert Chris McCook Mike Henry Uel Moore Colin Reilly Stephen Hodge Gary Mccurry

Getting both target species considering the conditions deserves a mention.

Results are below. If you spot a boo-boo holler at me.

I will update league soon.


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