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Ukraine Charity Match 2022

Ukraine Charity Match.

51 anglers attended the match paying £20 each and numerous others paid the entry fee despite non attendance.

We were also gifted money by people on the beach when they realised what we were up to.

Fishing one hour up and three down in calm, bright conditions in April this wasn't going to be a spectacular but fish were caught and we managed to divvy out the prizes none the less.

This was a longest fish wins match with second and third longest counting as the tie breaker.

Zone A

1st Paul Beggs

2nd Chris Pritchard

3rd Dorian White

4th Glenn Drennan

5th Andy Cleeve

6th Matt Ormesher

7th Graham Stirling

8th Ronnie Andrews

Zone B

1st Joe Wilson

2nd Martin O'Martin O'boyle

3rd Brian Wallace

4th Matt McMurtry

5th Stephen Hodge

6th Colin Reilly

7th O'Paddy O'boyle

8th Robbie Ormesher

Zone C

1st David Hilditch

2nd Alan King Rag Martin

3rd James Beggs

4th J Maitland

5th Andrew Ryder

6th Stuart Bradley

7th Trev Mooney

8th Mike Henry


1st Catherine Mckee

2nd Deborah Withers Withers

3rd Megan Ryder


1st Stephen Kerr

2nd Grace Stirling

3rd Jackson Mooney

A selection of fishing tackle was given out as prizes, kindly donated by various manufacturers and suppliers.

Prizes were also donated by Ronnie Andrews of PCI Interiors and East Coast Salt therapy of Larne.

Lots of members brought raffle prizes and we raised about an additional £300 in the raffle. Thanks to Mike Henry and Alan Martin for helping out.

Thanks to Sharon at The Mariners for letting us use the back room and turning the heating on.

A good evenings craic for a good cause which raised £1494, which we've rounded up to £1500.

Massive thanks to everyone who supported this in their various ways.

Very much appreciated.

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