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Final league places for NIFSA Tronix Pro Shore League 2019

Last night saw the NIFSA Tronix Pro shore league wrapped up for another year. Great craic as usual with varying levels of success, but it's not all about winning. Well done to Harry on a very impressive win and well done to everyone who participated and made it a great success. A special mention to the committee Barry, Gareth and the 2 Scouse Mckees who worked tirelessly to make it a success. Anyone who fancies joining a forward thinking sea angling federation with the option of a competitive side(superb prizes) along with making new friends and trying new venues get in touch for next year. We still have our 'Open' to come on the 23rd of November with a £500 1st prize if anyone fancies it. Top 15 Anglers from 61 competitors.

Final league places for NIFSA Tronix Pro Shore League 2019

1st Harry McKee Jnr 9pts 2nd Harry Mckee 21pts 3rd Drew Ferguson 26pts 4th Barry Platt 33 pts (1x zone win) 5th Uel Moore 33pts 6th Alan Smallwood 35.5pts 7th Karl McCullough 36pts 8th Paddy O'boyle 39pts 9th David Garvan 40pts 10th Mike Henry 41.5pts 11th Gareth Bell 42 pts 12th Jonathan Kitson 44pts 13th Jordan Graham 47pts 14th Dean Azzabi 50pts (1x 3rd pl 3x4th pl) 15th Diarmaid Adams 50pts (1x 3rd pl)

Pictures of Anglers below are in order of league win.

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