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Affiliating Your Club

Items we require in order for you to Affiliate are: Club Constitution (a sample one will be provided) List of Office Bearers (at least secretary, treasurer & chairman, secretary must have email) 


Payment: To NIFSA is £0 per year for each club. An angler registration fee of current individual federation fee per adult is payable for any angler who is over the age of 16 in the year of registration. The cost of junior angler registration is £15 for any child under 16.  Club affiliation and athlete registrations are payable annually on 1st January, expiring 31st December in the same year. 


Angler registrations from any previous years cease to work from 1st January  onwards and anglers will not be able to enter events again until their club is re-affiliated and anglers re-register. There are no exceptions to this rule because without registration anglers are not covered by insurance. 


Upon acceptance you will be issued with access to your own online portal, where you must input details of all anglers who are taking part in open events under your club name. Registrations will expire automatically on 1st January each year, and must be renewed on/after 1st January regardless of the date it was paid in the previous year. I.e. if a new member is registered on 1st March 2023, they will pay £15/37 for 2023 but their registration will still become void on 1st January 2024. Once you have returned these items to the NIFSA office the details will be checked  and you will then become an affiliated club.

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