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Hope you had a happy Christmas and are looking forward to the new year

Morning Folks

Hope you had a happy Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.

We have had a great time on this page throughout the year, with the reports of fixed competitions and pictures of the various fish taken during the roving comps and anticipated winners.

As you probably have already realised we are a friendly bunch and try are hardest to make you and all very welcome within our Federation. We run a strong fair system within, and treat all as equals, hence you will see no snide remarks no belittling no cheek towards fellow anglers. Just help and friendly advice towards all. It is important to ask anything you are unsure of, fishing or Federation wise, even if you think it is too simple. We are all here to help you improve with confidence.

With our comps starting mid January I hope that you will join our Federation. If you feel that you want to fish with a friend then double pegs are initially available for the first couple of matches to give you time to get clued in.

This is the time of the year to try and get new anglers into the federation and make us even stronger and I ask you to go the extra bit and try your best to involve more anglers.

We will be starting our small learner courses on Helensbay beach starting 8th of January and on every 2 weeks throughout January and February so feel free to come down and bring as many people as you want to have a look at what’s going on.

A big emphasis this year will be to try and get more ladies into angling! We are really lacking on the gender balance front and need to try and get as many girls on the beach as possible. With the possibility of international teams coming up there is a super opportunity for some to get on the Northern Ireland Ladies Team.

So with a full itinerary of various competitions and sponsors being put together as we speak I just want to wish all a great year fishing and good luck.

JOIN NOW!! GET IN CONTACT. £35.00 a year

Harry Mckee Snr



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