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Last match in our 2019 Tronix Pro Shore League

Last night was the last match in our 2019 Tronix Pro Shore League. Fishing Ballywalter beach was full of expectations of dogfish and sizeable whiting. Unfortunately this did not materialise despite near perfect conditions. It was left to sporadic catches of flounder to make up score cards with most of the fish in the 25-30cm bracket. Ballywalter 1800-2300. Fishing full flood. Very calm and dry. Zone A 1st Jim Brown 3 fish 84pts 2nd Cameron Gilbert 3 fish 75pts 3rd Drew Ferguson 2 fish 51pts

Zone B 1st Harry Mckee Jnr 11fish 325pts 2nd Mark Jones 1fish 40pts 3rd Uel Moore 1 fish 36pts

Longest flat was a tie between Harry Mckee Jnr and Mark Jones with 35cm flounder. 33 Anglers.

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