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NIFSA 2 DAY SHORE ANGLING COMPETITION AUGUST 2019 NIFSA committee and members would like to thank all anglers who managed to come to our 2nd 2 day shore competition held in and around the Lough Foyle area of Northern Ireland. Anglers from as far away as England Scotland and Ireland attended to make this competition and festival a huge success. The headquarters were based in Limavady at the Alexander Hotel, a good central location for the venues chosen. Gary and the rest of the staff stopped at nothing to make our stay second to none with all requests and demands being accommodated in a relaxed and friendly manner. NIFSA shore committee members Barry Platt, Harry Mckee Jnr and Gareth Bell organised and ran a very smooth well organised competition ensuring all anglers got to their pegs safely and on time. So thanks lads well done. A draw in aid of the RNLI raised over a £100.00 and was organised and run by NIFSA member Jonny Kitson. Well done Jonny. Final scores and zone placings were put together by Federation Recorder Barry Platt with the help of the shore committee. The Fishing. Day 1 Session 1. Longfields Foyle Estuary The morning was very calm clammy and close with no wind and early indications of slow fishing proved true with fish staying off the bait and small numbers of fish reported. Eels were none existent with clear water keeping them away. Result for Longfield SESSION 1 ZONE A (24 ANGLERS) 1ST TIM SEXTON 6 FISH 141 PTS 2ND NICHOLAS MCNEIL 5 FISH 124 PTS 3RD GARY MCCURRY 6 FISH 121 PTS SESSION 1 ZONE B (24 ANGLERS) 1ST SHANE OLDEN 3 FISH 70PTS 2ND KEVIN LEWIS 3 FISH 64 PTS 3RD DEBORAH WITHERS 2 FISH 47 PTS LONGEST FISH POOL SESSION 1 1ST NICHOLAS MCNEIL 33CM FLOUNDER 2ND CRAIG KING 28CM FLOUNDER Day 1 Session 2. Benone Strand North Coast The evening session looked slightly better with a small on shore breeze giving a slight surf close in suitable for flats, but still a very good flattened sea on the outside that cried out Doggies. Again the fish didn’t show in numbers and the promised frantic last hour on the dogs didn’t materialise. Catches were disappointing to say the least and not normal on that beach at this time of year. Result for Benone SESSION 2 ZONE A (24 ANGLERS) 1ST HARRY MCKEE SENIOR 2 FISH 44PTS 2ND DIARMAID ADAMS 2 FISH 43PTS 3RD MIKE HENRY 1 FISH 32PTS SESSION 2 ZONE B (23 ANGLERS) 1ST DEBORAH WITHERS 2 FISH 40PTS 2ND JONATHAN KITSON 1 FISH 28PTS 3RD GARY MCCURRY 1 FISH 26PTS LONGEST FISH POOL SESSION 2 1ST MIKE HENRY 32 CM TURBOT 2ND PAUL COADY 31 CM FLOUNDER Day 2 final session Roe Estuary Foyle Déjà vu!! Same scenario as the day before at Longfields, calm as glass and clear water. Catches proved very hard to put on the cards with only the occasional shoal of mullet and seatrout to keep anglers entertained while they waited for the flounder to show. Hopes were high for Garfish to come through on the high tide but again a no show. Result for the Roe SESSION 3 ZONE A (23 ANGLERS) 1ST PHILIP PAPE 6 FISH 153PTS 2ND HARRY MCKEE JUNIOR 5 FISH 126PTS 3RD MARCUS BLAZ 3 FISH 76 PTS SESSION 3 ZONE B (24 ANGLERS) 1ST JOHN SHIELDS 5 FISH 126PTS 2ND JONATHAN KITSON 5 FISH 119PTS 3RD ANDREW MCCALLION 3 FISH 73PTS LONGEST FISH POOL SESSION 3 1ST HARRY MCKEE JUNIOR 31CM FLOUNDER 2ND ALAN MULACHY 29 CM FLOUNDER

Overall Results for NIFSA 2 Day Competition 1ST JONATHAN KITSON 15PTS 2ND PAUL COADY 16PTS 3RD GARY MCCURRY 16.5 PTS 4TH HARRY MCKEE SENIOR 17PTS 5TH KEVIN LEWIS 19PTS 6TH COLIN REILLY20PTS LONGEST FISH PRIZE OVER WEEKEND 1ST NICHOLAS NCNEIL 33CM FLOUNDER 2ND MIKE HENRY 32 CM TURBOT NIFSA is extremely happy and proud with the overall results and the organisation of this competition. It shows that bigger competitions can come to Northern Ireland again and there is the hunger and capacity to organise these events. We have created an ongoing yearly event that will only get stronger and, with good management, put our wee country back on the map and place to fish within the angling community. Thanks Harry Mckee Snr Secretary NIFSA

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