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Summer Special League 2021

This has turned into a really good competition where local knowledge and a lot of hard work really pays off. Well done to all anglers that competed. 🎣 well done to our hard working recorder Barry Platt for pumping in the hours and running everything like clockwork. Here is his report.

Harry McKee



This weekend past saw the final leg of our species league in which 49 anglers paid to take part targeting plaice, ballan wrasse, pollack, conger eel, three beard rocking, coalie and finally flounder over set weekends from May till Oct.

As is usually the case some of the species proved almost non existent as soon as we began looking for them and as the year progressed, those who had a blank tended not to take part in the next leg.

The guys who do well in this format of competition deserve all the success they get as they are usually fishing for most of the 48hrs that the competition lasts, not only catching the target fish but looking to get maximum points for the biggest.

The above can definitely be said of the top three anglers and prize winners this year who were

1st Uel Moore 41.5pts

2nd Colin Reilly 46pts

3rd Paddy O'boyle O'boyle 48.5 pts

Other anglers who kept up the hunt and managed to catch all seven targets were

4th Gary Mccurry 55 pts

5th Stephen Hodge Hodge 67pts

7th Martin O'boyle 69.5 pts

while the guys who only blanked one species and took part in all weekends were

6th Paul Beggs Beggs 64pts

8th Bobby Laughlin Laughlin 72 pts

9th Barry Platt

Paul was particularly unlucky blanking the three beard as he had 3 podium finishes out of seven keeping his score very low.

The prizes will be available at AGM (further details to follow)

Well done to the prize winners and well fished to the chasing pack.

Thanks folks.

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