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Big Tuna for NIFSA Anglers

3 of our Federation members travelled to Donegal for a day out with Adrian Molloy and Connor steaming out of Kilcar.

Jonny Kitson takes up the story.

Early start for myself, James andJjonny, leaving just after 4am Met Adrian and Connor at the harbour at 8am.

Had 7 fish on Thursday but with the storm wasn't sure where they would be.

Steamed out 6 miles to the last place they fished. Literally hundreds of of dolphins but no sign of bait fish or birds. No tuna marking.

Nothing for the first 5 hours but Connor kept us entertained with jokes and fishy stories and plenty of hot tea.

Suddenly Adrian spotted tuna in front of us, as we drifted over them 3 attacked the same lure.

Then all hell let loose We had been taking 30 min slots each so it was Jonnys turn, into the seat and on with the jacket, meanwhile the tuna was stripping line like nothing I ever experienced. What ever the capacity of the reels is there was 10% left, easy couple of km. Adrian reversed after it. Battle lasted just under an hour. Around 650lb biggest this season Apt that the overall NIFSA species winner got it. James then lost a fish mid battle. My turn, what a take zzzzzzzz, away it went. 20 minute battle fish around 300lb.

Adrian fished on until after 6pm trying to get another fish but run out of light.

In for 7pm and up the road.

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