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Daiwa shore league match day two

Daiwa shore league match day two.

Carnlough 1700-2200

Tide/conditions: Fishing two and half hours up and the same down. Although a neap tide, conditions were very blustery causing a substantial surf which was breaking the sea wall on occasions which made uncomfortable fishing for those pegged on the promenade. There wasn't much weed about however which was surprising considering recent storms.

Species caught: Coalie, codling, flats, rockling and whiting.

Zone A

1st Chris McCook 10 fish 262pts 2nd David Hilditch 6 fish 204pts 3rd Stephen Hodge 7 fish 198pts 4th Martin O'Boyle 6 fish 186pts

Zone B

1st Barry Platt 10 fish 289pts 2nd Paul Hill 7 fish 195pts 3rd Mike Henry 5 fish 148pts 4th Paul Beggs 5 fish 132pts

Longest flat 25cm Flounder David Hilditch Longest round (tied) 35cm codling Ali Wall 35cm coalie Martin O'Boyle.

Conditions lead to quite a difficult nights fishing though there were some sizeable codling and coalie in the surf. Flats and rockling were noticeable by their absence.

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