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Dennett Outdoors boat league 2022

Dennett Outdoors boat league 2022.

Match day one , Portrush, Lady Karen 4.

Conditions: bright and sunny with an easterly bluster which made it choppy on occasions but not unpleasant.

Species caught: ballan wrasse, pollack, plaice, dab, whiting, coalie, codling, poor cod, weaver, mackerel and launce.

First boat of the year wasn't hectic fishing, but everyone caught nonetheless.

Paul planned to anchor at Eastern end of the Skerries but this was scuppered due to the copious amounts of lobster pots in the area so we just done a few drifts on the rough with pollack and wrasse being caught.

Next we moved to the sand in front of Skerries but it was evident after a short while that this would be slow so we steamed to a clean ground mark a bit further out which was more productive.

New member Jason Campbell made his first appearance at a club outing and seemed to enjoy his day while "interviewing" boat match expert Uel on his methods.

1st Uel Moore 34 fish (9 species) 144pts

2nd Barry Platt 15 fish (3 species) 60pts

3rd Mike Henry 9 fish (4 species) 50pts

Barry Platt


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