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Federation members stories: Karen Pritchard

What it means to go fishing to some people? Here are a few federation members stories and experience of the sheer enjoyment and fun you can have with fishing and joining our federation. This account is from a lady member of ours, Karen Pritchard, an angler that has caught far and wide and has a deep love for angling of all types, something that is at the core of our federation.


Fishing wasn't really my thing until I was talked into building rigs and digging bait for the better half to get ready for competitions. Curiosity got the better of me, had to give it a bash that was 18 years ago. I'm not a serious angler more fun and pleasure for myself but I do enjoy targeting different species. There's nothing better than hitting the coast line, setting gear up, admiring what's around you, waiting on that rod going no matter the weather conditions. I wanted to get into some match fishing and doing the odd competition just for more knowledge and experience. So I joined the NIFSA run by our very own local tackle shop owners and a great federation it is. They try to cater matches and competitions for all anglers from match, boat, species and LRF. All involved in running federation do their best to help you out and give sound advice

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