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Federation members stories: Karl McCullough

What it means to go fishing to some people? Here are a few federation members stories and experience of the sheer enjoyment and fun you can have with fishing and joining our federation. This account is from a senior member of ours Karl McCullough a man that loves all round sea fishing but has jumped up to the top layer of match fishing in a season.

Been fishing now for over 20 years, the majority of which was pleasure angling to get out of the house. Escape reality for a few hours or disappear into the wilderness for a weekend. You also see sights that the majority of people will never witness, from the scenery to things David Attenborough would be screaming at his cameramen to capture, whales cruising along the surface, dolphins riding bow waves and tuna attacking shoals of bait fish. Theres so much more to fishing than seeing how many fish you can catch. The last few years have been spent mostly match fishing and species hunting within the federation which brings a new aspect of camaraderie and competition to a sport I already loved.

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