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From the Ulster Angling Federation

From the Ulster Angling Federation

Angling Memberships in NI

This questionnaire is open to ALL anglers across NI who may be associated with game, coarse and sea.

This short questionnaire aims to gather insights into your interest in joining the Ulster Angling Federation, your willingness to pay for membership, and the importance you place on various angling benefits such as representation, access to training and resources, discounted tackle, access to fisheries and competition.

Your responses will assist us in tailoring membership offerings to better meet the needs and expectations of the wider angling community and offer better representation for all, to tackle key issues like pollution, accessibility and policy.

*Please note that there will be personalised questions relating to nationality, gender, employability and disability. These questions are only to identify trends and allows us to have more awareness of diversity and promote inclusivity within the sport. There is an opt out option for all of these questions.

All responses remain confidential and only the overall numerical data will be shared to allow better strategic decision making within the Federation.

Your input is highly appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

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