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List of names that have been entered for the NIFSA 2 Day festival at the start of September

Hi All

Please find below the list of names that have been entered for the NIFSA 2 Day festival at the start of September. If your name is there and you don't think you are going, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me so I can scrub you off and make that place available to somebody else. We need an exact number for our recorder to do his sums on the score cards and placings of anglers. If you do want to fish and your name is not on please message this page. Very limited spaces left.


Rath Leslie

Barry Platt

Dairmaid Adams

David Garvan

Stephen Hodge

Allan Williams

Christopher McCook

Gareth Bell

Harry Mckee Snr

Harry Mckee Jnr

Paul Hill

Lee Mullan

Alan Martin

Gil Leighton

Jenny Casey

Pamela Stewart

Dean Azzabi

Micheal Gilmer

John Moag

Conor Gilmer

Jānis Liseckis


Gary McCurry

Matty Grant

Paddy O'Boyle

Colin Reilly

David Hilditch

Drew Hendry

Ronnie Andrews

Adrian Nicholl

David Nesbitt

Matt Ormesher

Garry Gregg

Paul Beggs

Ali Wall

Shane Olden

Keith O'Brien

Jeffry Olden

Jason Power

David Olden

Kieran Ryan

Paul Ryan

Phil Pape

Lesley Maby

Brian S Dickson

Neil Wilkinson

Peter Wilkinson

Tim Sexton

Tyrone O'Brien

Kieron Baker

Jim Bryan

Alan Malcahy

Paul Coady

Scott Burns

Gareth Gardner E

Neil Cutler

Kenny McCoy

Thomas Tate

Bob Gascoigne

Steve Potts

Gavin Owen

Colin Bell

Joe Perry

Jordan Hunter

Welsh Team










Jason Crowley

Liam Fraher

Drew Ferguson

Jo Molloy

Sean Ivory

Davy Dobbie

Kevin Lewis

Billy Buckley

Jimmy Connel

Scott McCartney

Issac Muir

Kevin Barber

Andrew Ferguson

Karl McCollough

Alistair Davidson

Jamie Horn

Darren James McHenry

Ali Wall

Ally Nicholl

William Pollock

Andrew Logan

Warren Brown

Drew Hendry

Graeme Ruddy

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