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NIFSA 2 Day Open on the Foyle/North Coast

We are now starting to organise the NIFSA 2 Day Open on the Foyle/North Coast. Please check that your name is there. PM us if your not or your plans have changed as we need to know how many are in for logistic reasons. If you want to fish, no problem it's not too late to put your name down. Harry Mckee Snr Harry Mckee Jnr Barry Platt Jonathan Kitson Dean Azzabi Eion Cotter Tim Sexton Tyrone O'brien Kieran Baker Alan Malcahy Paul Coady Cliff McGillowcuddy Mick Mullane David Hilditch Janis Liseckis Kingsy David Mcnight Diarmaid Adams JoJo Graham Gareth Bell Kari McCollough Cathy Tay John Sheills Nicholas Mcneil Remigijus Dunda Paddy O’boyle Mike Henry Robert Garnham Alan Reynolds Stasys Lavrinasvicius David Garvan Marcus Blaz Gary McCurry Eddy Fletcher Donal Crossan John Moag Michael Gilmer Billy Buckley Kevin Lewis David Dobbie Jimmy Connell Christopher Reed Andrew Hutchinson Wayne Philips Bryan Dickson Bill Lindfield Heather Lindfeild Drew Ferguson Ally Nicholl Debbie Withers Andrew McCallion Adrian Nicholl Andrew Ferguson Philip Pape Colin Reilly Shane Tim’s mate

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