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NIFSA Benone 8th of November BIG COMP. 11-4pm

NIFSA Benone 8th of November BIG COMP. 11-4pm

Good day fellow anglers.

Our flagship open shore competition will not be going ahead this year due to the ongoing corona virus and problems with pubs allowing us presentation rooms etc. To be fair it's the right thing to do.


We are using one of our league matches at Benone on the 8th of Nov as a closed open (if there is such a thing) and there will be lots of cash prizes and sponsorship prizes. Entry fee is £15.00 prepaid. Anybody can enter as long as they are a member of our Federation.


If you join our Federation for next year we are charging just £20.00 fees (due to the ongoing crisis), you will get the rest of this year free.

If you want to fish this join our federation now!!

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