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NIFSA shore league sponsored by Daiwa, match day two

NIFSA shore league sponsored by Diawa, match day two.

Venue: Ballycastle

Tide: Filling for four and dropping one.

Conditions: Warm with light easterly.

Sea state: Calm but with a nice surf rolling in.

Species caught: Flounder

Zone A

1st Paul Beggs 5 fish 124pts £70

2nd Diarmaid Adams 5 fish 120pts £50

3rd Christopher Mccook 2 fish 56pts £35

4th Darren James McHenry 2 fish 55pt Tackle prize

Zone B

1st Jamie Horn Horn 10 fish 249 pts £70

2nd Barry Platt 7 fish 169 pts £50

3rd Drew Ferguson Ferguson 4 fish 99 pts £35

4th David Garvan 4 fish 94 pts Tackle prize

Longest flat fish 28 cm flounder Jamie Horn

Second longest 26cm flounder Paul Beggs

The less said about this one the better.

Conditions looked promising and the beach cleared of a lot of the human traffic before we started but the fish did not read the script with a lot of anglers blanking and a lot of single fish score cards.

A litter walk was done before and after the match. Martin O'boyle done one half way through the match clearing four bags of rubbish left by a group of young people. Fair play Martin.

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