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NIFSA species hunt 2022

NIFSA species hunt 2022.

This weekend saw the final leg of our species hunt in which selected species were targeted for a 72 hour period. Points were awarded from biggest to smallest fish with the only stipulation being that they had to be caught on rod and line in Northern Ireland.

Some of our members love this format of competition and many fish the full weekend trying to get the largest of the selected species while others simply use the comp as an excuse to get out angling for the weekend. We had thirty five members enter the hunt this year.

Many anglers bemoan the fact that sea fishing isn't what it was but the species hunt always throws up some good fish and shows that there is still some good angling available in Northern Ireland if you are prepared to put in the hard hours and study and prepare before you go.

Fish worthy of mention this year were the winners of each of the selected species:

Plaice 36cm Colin Reilly

Ballan Wrasse 44cm Uel Moore

Pollack 68cm Drew Ferguson

Conger eel 143cm Stephen Hodge

Three beard rockling 45cm Jonathan Gilbert

Coalfish 46cm Kenny Bodles

Flounder 35cm Colin Reilly

As is usually the case the numbers of anglers fishing usually decline after a couple of "blanks", but those in the running for podium places as well as the die hards who fish every weekend fished every species until the competitions conclusion.

Christopher Mccook and Gary Mccurry were the only two anglers managed to complete the "full house" of all target species which in itself is a great achievement.

Top three rods who have won tackle sponsored by PENN and

Belfast Angling Centre are:

1st Gary McCurry Penn Rampage surf rod & Penn Surf Master 8000 reel

2nd Kenny Bodles Penn Regiment spinning rod & Penn Spinfisher 5000 reel

3rd Barry Platt Penn Squadron spinning rod and Penn Pursuit 5000 reel.

Well done to the winners, those that chased them until the last weekend and everyone who took part.

Next years hunt will begin in May with plaice again being the first target.

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