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Paddy on fire again. He must be stopped!

Paddy on fire again. He must be stopped!

Report by #nifsa recorder Barry Platt

That's the species hunt over for another year.

This year we ran it slightly longer than previous two years with a couple of extra species running it into the Autumn.

We had 44 anglers paid up from the beginning though the number of participants fell away as anglers blanked certain species and inevitably fell out of the running for prizes.

Some anglers like Mike Henry , Stephen Hodge , Brian Taylor and Bobby Laughlin fished all the events whether they blanked a species or not, but guys like these are diehards who are usually on the shore twice a week anyway.

Some of the species were easier caught than others but only the anglers who finished in the top six managed to catch all the target species which is a great achievement in itself.

Not making the prizes but catching all the targets were Uel Moore, Colin Reilly and Barry Platt.

Some of the guys put real effort, a lot of hours and a lot of thought into not only catching the target fish but making sure it was of a substantial size to get them better scores, and this is evident in the final league placings.

Top three and winning tackle prizes sponsored by Belfast Angling Centre are as follows.

1st Paddy O'boyle

2nd Dairmaid ‘plaice’ Adams

3rd Gareth Bell

This is the second year Paddy has won which is a great achievement.

Well done all!

Next year we may rejig slightly to allow for prizes for each individual hunt to keep interest up for those who suffer a dreaded blank.

Thanks everyone who took part and showed patience with my limited knowledge of I.T in getting hunt cards etc emailed to you.

Get ready for next years hunts by joining NIFSA for only £20.00. Extreme value for money folks. Looking after our future.

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