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Please see the letter that was sent out to club secretaries within the IFSA

Please see the letter that was sent out to club secretaries within the IFSA. To date we have had a very poor response back. Hopefully this is partly due to a lot of emails bouncing back because they are out of date on the IFSA website or possibly club members not being informed.

We had hoped for a positive reaction, particularly in the light of recent events regarding the flying of the tricolour and anthem.

Indicators appear to suggest that nothing has changed and politics still dominate sport.

Dear Club and Club member of the Irish Federation of Sea Anglers We are writing to you today seeking your support for NIFSA in our 3rd application to FIPS-Mer/CIPS to be affiliated with them, the world body for sea angling. We think now is the right time to contact you about this as you have just recently experienced what we have been experiencing since our inception 4 years ago, the denial of national identity. We believe that we will be stronger as 2 friendly and sharing nations being allowed to fish for our country of choice, whether we are from Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. We have come a long way here in Northern Ireland with regards to tolerance and freedom of choice. We now promote and display our federation badge and flag which you see at the top of this page. We plan to have an independant anthem, newly penned , that encapsulates our country and that will look to the future. We will be applying to the Home Nations shore and boat championships on the understanding that there must be 5 countries in attendance, a strict precondition for us. We will encourage the upkeep of our great relationship with our southern friends in the angling world and will hope to promote an annual “Island Cup” weekend to promote our historic good relations. We are trying to get affiliation through coercion and understanding, leaving politics and legality unless an absolute necessity. Please email us your support by replying to this email. Again, please support us as we support, and will support your own fight for right of Identity.

The committee

Northern Ireland Federation of Sea Anglers

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