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Results from NIFSA Shore league match on Portsalon

Results from NIFSA Shore league match on Portsalon.

Daiwa league match day 5.

Portsalon, Donegal fishing four hours of the drop and one up.

This match was scheduled for an eleven am start which meant everyone was on the road early for the drive to Donegal.

The drive was horrendous for all due to dense fog covering most of the country and this was then exacerbated by a road closure after Dungiven.

However everyone was on the beach for lines in and the fog disappeared as quickly as the spring tide was dropping to reveal a stunning setting for a match.

There were fish caught from first to last along the full length of the venue.

Nearly all bags were made up of Thornback Ray and Lesser Spotted Dogfish with a couple of flounder and Plaice thrown in.

An added bonus were the locals who were wishing us luck before we started as well as taking a great interest in what we were catching and even taking photographs of rays.

Zone A

1st Harry Mckee 20 fish 1107pts

2nd Harry McKee Jnr 19 fish 1044pts

3rd Gareth Bell 15 fish 913pts

Zone B

1st Barry Platt 16 fish 1005 pts

2nd Robert Agnew 12 fish 684 pts

3rd Jordan Graham 10 fish 557 pts

Longest fish was a 71cm ray caught by Harry McKee Jnr.

Well done all and see you at Waterfoot for the next match.

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