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Saturday 21st October saw leg seven of our shore league sponsored by Daiwa

Saturday 21st October saw leg seven of our shore league sponsored by Daiwa.

Here is our recorders report.


Tide/sea-state: Fished 4 down and 1up on a very calm sea.

Weather: Still and cold.

Species caught: whiting, codling, coalie, pout, poor cod, plaice, flounder, dogfish and a small conger.

The plan for this match was to fish Waterfoot but storm Babet left the venue in a terrible state with rafts of weed in the surf and a lot of debris still coming down the river yesterday. Most of the Antrim coast was heavily weeded yesterday but surprisingly Cushendun was very clean.

The beach was also very calm which made for a very scratchy match. From lines in anglers were tortured with treble shots of micro whiting, codling, pout and poor cod which were demolishing baits after five minutes but as the evening wore on some better fish appeared.

Zone A

1st Drew Ferguson 6 fish 269pts

2nd Paul Hill 5 fish 181pts

3rd Christopher Mccook 6 fish 141pts

4th Harry McKee 5 fish 135pts

Zone B

1st Harry Mckee Jr 19 fish 518pts

2nd Paul Beggs 9 fish 289pts

3rd Barry Platt 8 fish 229pts

4th Stephen Hodge 8 fish 197pts

Longest flatfish 32cm flounder Harry Jr

Longest round fish 38cm conger Harry Mckee.

Leg 8 of our league will be Benone in November.

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